MAGURA MT7 Uppgradering

Uppgradering av bromsar

7 312,50 SEK

  • Artnr: U-MT7

Beskrivning av artikel

For pilots in that top 10%, the Magura MT7’s provide tool-less reach and bite point adjustment allowing you to fine tune your brakes on the fly. Performance is further enhanced with the MT7’s monoblock brake pads significantly improving heat dissipation while increasing bite on the leading edge.

  • At only 355g*, the MT7 is one of the lightest brakes in its class
  • Carbotecture SL housing & aluminum handlebar clamp
  • Ergonomic, 2-finger, hollow alloy anodized brake lever
  • Toolless adjustment of lever reach and bite point
  • One-piece, 4 piston caliper with banjo, mystic grey magnetiXchange brake pad system for easy pad replacement
  • Compatible with all Magura Storm and Storm SL discs

Specs Courtesy of Magura Brakes.

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